Updates from Grade 4D

Unit of Inquiry Students continued with their unit on civilizations, they applied their knowledge of the excavation process and were involved in a digging activity. They collected, analyzed and validated the evidences that was found. This engagement helped them to strengthen their understanding of the steps involved in an archaeological dig. They further learned about […]

Updates from Grade 4D

Unit of Inquiry Students continued to gain knowledge on the current unit on civilizations. To enhance the learning, they inquired into archaeological processes and the steps involved in collecting, analyzing and validating evidences. They explored the role of archaeologists in discovering ancient civilizations. Taking their learning further, they analyzed the steps and tools involved in […]

A history of civilizations

Unit of Inquiry Students continued their learning journey into ancient civilizations as they researched the Indus valley civilization. They focused on characteristics like town planning, art and architecture, religion, culture, trade, daily lives, inventions and the reasons for decline. They further inquired into different ancient civilizations around the world pertaining to their social, economic and […]

Updates from Grade 4D

Unit of inquiry Students were introduced to the current unit on civilization under the transdisciplinary theme- ‘where we are in place and time’- through an artifacts display in class. They discussed the features and significance of these artifacts with their peers and made connections with different cultures. Through the ‘bus stop’ strategy, they discussed and wrote […]

Exploring the world of media

Unit of Inquiry Students observed various advertisements and the different marketing techniques used to persuade the target audience. They brainstormed on the role of media in defining beauty. Certain advertisements with social messages were shown to students and they expressed their understanding of the same. They were assessed on their persuasion skills as they advertised […]

Grade 4D Blog (24th July – 9th August)

Unit of Inquiry Students were introduced to the first unit on ‘Media’ which served as a medium of expressing ourselves. The unit introductory letter was shared with students and they analysed the information therein to understand the intended learning from this unit. This enabled them to formulate their individual success criteria for this unit. Observing […]

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